PASS RIGHT TO INFORMATION BILL INTO LAW …To do away with the Perceptions

Member of Parliament for Banda and first deputy minority whip, Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim, has called for urgent steps to be taken to pass the Right to Information Bill into law to create access and ensure corruption allegations are no longer based on perception.

Fighting corruption, he argued, is a shared responsibility and does not rest in the purview of only one individual hence the need for everyone to contribute to the fight regardless of political coloration.

He lamented that people make serious corruption allegations against others and when pushed to provide evidence, they claim it is a perception.

Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim stressed that the best way to remedy the situation and do away with the perception and come to the realities is to pass the Right to Information Bill into law.

According to him, if the bill is passed into law and allegations of corruption are made against people, such individuals can use the law to press and get the required information.

“This will do away with perception and Ghana would be seen to be really fighting against the incidence of corruption,” he said.

Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim who was contributing to debate on the Special Prosecutor nominee noted that Parliament does not need a Special Prosecutor to initiate structures for the House to deal with corruption cases.

The nominee had indicated that he would put in place structures and mechanisms to prosecute offenses using recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) as the bases.

Hon. Ibrahim, however, argued that Article 187(6) of the Constitution clearly directs Parliament to debate reports of the Auditor-General and appoint where necessary and in the interest of the public, a committee to deal with any matter arising from the report.

According to him, this is the constitutional provision on the report of the Auditor-General and stressed that the House does not need the SP to initiate structures for it because the Constitution already provides for that.

He observed that in the order papers, there are countless number of PAC debates hanging because of the absence of such a committee.

“Parliament must take Article 187(6) of the Constitution serious and in the public interest, form the committee to be responsible for all auditor-general reports that would be debated here,” he stated.

This, he said, will boost public confidence in Parliament, the Public Accounts Committee and the Auditor-General’s reports that would be laid and debated in the House.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/



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