DON’T INSTALL FAKE CHIEF – Attoh Quarshie Warns Kingmakers

An Elder of Ga Mashie, Mr. Joshua Attoh Quarshie has warned Kingmakers of James Town not to follow their personal interests and install any fake chief over the people but rather, go for the right person to avoid violence.

He disclosed this in an interview about the way forward to ensure that there is peace, before, during and after the burial of the late Chief of James Town and Paramount Chief of Ngleshie Alata Traditional Council, Oblempong Kojo Ababio V.

Mr. Attoh Quarshe revealed that because of corruption on the part of some kingmakers without thinking about development, chieftaincy related issues are high in the Ga state.

He noted that all the selfish kingmakers are interested in is to get power and sell lands, with the support of some corrupt government officials.

It would be recalled that kingmakers of James Town recently poured libation to announce the demise of the chief.

His demise was jointly announced by the kingmakers of the Ngleshie Alata Paramount Stool James Town: Nii Klemekuku  II of Kofi  Akrashie  We of Adrenaline Dawurampong and Nii Sackey  Akumia  VI,  acting Dzaasetse of the paramount stool and head of Wetse  Kojo  We of Mantse We,  Nii  Appiah V paramount stool father,  and kingmaker of the Decade,  Nii  Sampan Kojo XI, Osiahene and head of the kingmaker of the Decade,  Bio Sackey  Smash V,  kingmaker of the Decade of the Ngleshie  Alata paramount stool.

However, the Kingmakers and elders of James Town have been compelled to install Nii Sackey Akomia VI as the acting Mantse of the Traditional Area.

Based on this Mr. Attoh Quarshi has called on the Kingmakers to ensure that the next Chief is selected from the right gate to avoid disputes.

According to him, it is now the turn of Ajumako gate to produce the next Chief for the people of James Town Traditional Area and therefore the best person should be selected. “We want peace and not violence,” he stated.

Mr. Quarshie pointed out that he is highly disturbed about the countless chieftaincy disputes in Ga Mashie, adding that it is his desire that they all come together to elect one person to become the Ga Mantse.

By William Sarpong

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