Deputy Imam of Jeddah Nightmarket Masjid in New Fadama, Accra, Sheikh Abdul Karim Mohammed Tahir, has made a passionate appeal to Muslim youth to make Masjid the focus of their lives.

According to him, one of the most blessed duties a Muslim can perform in this life but would continue to reap the benefits in the afterlife is to construct a house dedicated to the worship of Allah.

Shiekh Mohammed Tahir, popularly referred to as Mallam Biega, made the appeal at the opening of a new masjid at Israel-Tabora, in Accra.

The house of Allah, he noted, can be classified into three with the masjid at the fore front. He however stressed that building a shelter to house orphans and widows would also be referred to as houses of Allah because of the significance of taking care of these vulnerable sections of society.

“The masjid is a centre of learning where people are taught and counseled about life and good neighbourliness as was exemplified during the life of the Prophet Mohammed (saw) and his honoured companions,” he stated.

Mallam Biega lamented that today unfortunately such major role the masjid played in the lives of Muslim communities has been abandoned because people believe the masjid is only for offering salat.

“Far from that, the masjid is a place of learning, counseling, consulting, bonding, settling discords, deliberating community development among many others.”

“Every Muslim should make the effort to ensure there is a masjid in the community he or she lives to revive that important bond and unity among the Muslims.”

He noted that there are many verses of the Qur’an that speak about the significance of building a masjid or a structure dedicated for the worship of Allah and stressed that among the acts of worship that a person would continue to derive the benefits even after death is to construct a building dedicated for the worship of Allah.

Muslims, he said, would continue to keep that masjid thriving through salat, zikr and tafsir, which benefits would reach the people who made the effort to construct that building for their Creator.

Mallam Biega urged the youth to make their presence felt in the effort to build unity within the Muslim community, stressing that the responsibility of holding the next generation of Ghanaian Muslims together rests on their shoulders.

The responsibility of upholding the tenet of Islam and keeping the Muslim community together, he said, is the duty of the young Muslims and averred that many youth played significant roles in the spread of Islam during the time of the Prophet (saw).

The youth today, he said, should emulate their predecessors who even though were very young during the prophet-hood of the Messenger of Allah, and yet they sacrificed everything to support Islam and the Muslim community.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/


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