Cash for Seat Probe: Speaker Refers Report to Privileges Committee

Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Aaron Michael Oquaye has referred report of the Special Committee that probed the cash for seat saga to the privileges Committee of the House for full investigation and appropriate actions taken against those involved.

The speaker also directed all other documents tendered at the committee be referred to the privileges committee as well as any other matter that would be worthy of investigating.

Hon. Michael Oquaye gave the directive after the Special Committee presented its report to the House, which exonerated the Ministry of Trade and Industry and all persons involved of wrongdoing in the alleged levy and collection of sums of money by moti from expatriate businesses during the Ghana Expatriate Excellence Award.

The speaker lamented that inquisitorial powers of Parliament are very important but should not be frivolously applied by MPs.

A complaint, he indicated, must have serious substance to trigger the powers of Parliament to launch a full scale investigation.

He warned that Fishing Interrogatives are frowned upon by law courts throughout the world and stressed that an allegation must not just be thrown into the air and then Parliament urged to and investigate.

“There must be substantial evidence of wrongdoing and not allegation, mere conjecture and abuse of the processes. This is a very serious matter in view of all that took place,” he said.

He urged persons who would feel their names have been unduly abused and their reputations tampered with to take consolation in the fact that the truth has been established and stressed that the over-wrapping issue throughout the special committee’s work was to uncover the truth and that has been done.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/


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