South Tongu NCCE Director Tells Income Earners to Honour Tax Obligations

The South Tongu District Director of the National Commission on Civic Education, (NCCE) Oral Robert Amenyo, has charged income earners in the District to honour their tax obligation to government.

Mr. Amenyo stressed that it is necessary for those in the informal sector to voluntarily reveal their businesses to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) officials in the  District to pay taxes.

He said, the nation benefits a lot when citizens honour their tax obligations.

The District Director said this at a tax education campaign on behalf of the GRA at Larve in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region.

He observed that though Ghanaians are engaged in one income generating activity or the other, only 1.2 million Ghanaians pay taxes to government.

He expressed concern about the unwillingness of those in the informal sector to pay taxes even though the economy is highly dominated by them.

Mr. Amenyo identified artisans, food sellers, retailers among others in the informal sector as those who normally fail to pay taxes.

He reminded the people that the tax they pay is what government uses to undertake developmental projects.

The NCCE director therefore called for attitudinal change to overcome nonpayment of taxes.

He explained that grants received from donor countries are no longer coming as a result of the country’s current status as a middle income nation.

He added that natural resources such as gold, oil and cocoa among others are what government uses to support its budget in order to limit contracting expensive loans to finance development projects.

Mr. Amenyo mentioned various taxes such as vehicle tax, income tax, stamps tax, property tax, gift tax among others, which he said must be paid regularly to support government budget.

He bemoaned poor record keeping by traders, which he said hinders effective tax collection.

He reminded the people that non-compliance of one’s tax obligation is an offence punishable by law.

The District Director urged the business community especially those without Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) to contact GRA offices for one.

The GRA recently launched a comprehensive National Tax Education Campaign dubbed “our taxes our future” to encourage more Ghanaians especially those in the informal sector to voluntarily comply with their tax obligation.

By Vandyck Asante, Larve

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