Ghana Water MD & Board target of Blackmail

Concerned Workers of the Ghana Water Company Limited have expressed worry about desperate moves by some staff of the company and some greedy suppliers to blackmail and scandalize the Managing Director, top management and the Board.

According to these concerned workers, the modus operandi of their own colleagues have always been to carry company documents to the media and opposition parties to undermine the management of the company each time  they are dissatisfied with one decision or another.

The Concerned Workers said, in 2013 for instance, there was a news item of an alleged expired alumn, which caused panic and which resulted in the sacking of some top management members of the company only for President John Mahama to later receive a report that, the supposed expired alum report in the media was false.

This paper has learnt that, Intermec Ghana Limited, a major supplier of pumps to the Ghana Water Company, recently became the target of these unscrupulous staff, who tried to blacklist the company upon the assumption of the new Board.

Having realized that, the new Board and the Managing Director will not do their bidding, they have now turned their daggers ready to butcher the Board and the Managing Director, Dr. Clifford Braimah, this paper has learnt.

This paper has also learnt that, all manner of allegations and plots are being conceived with the aim of creating the perception of corruption against the Managing Director and the top management of the company.

Credible information available to this paper indicates that, the decision by the Managing Director to renegotiate the desalination project at Teshie in the Greater Accra Region, has not gone down well with some staff who benefited and are still benefiting from the project.

This, the Concerned Workers contend, is one of the major reasons why these unscrupulous workers are making frantic efforts at throwing mud at both the Managing Director and the Board in an attempt to paint them as corrupt.

The Concerned Workers of the Ghana Water Company have therefore urged the Managing Director and the Board to stand firm and to ignore any distructive move aimed at derailing them from their focus of doing what is right for both the company and Ghanaians at large.

The Concerned Workers however expressed worry at the extent at which company documents are being leaked to some newspapers to make false publications against the top management of the Ghana Water Company and called on those involved to desist from such behavior before they are exposed.

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