…Drop the Media Gimmick

…Engage me on the proper Platform

The Nɔyaa (development) Mantse of Sapeiman, Nii Abbey Okanfrah I, has dared his detractors to drop the media gimmick and engage him on the appropriate platform if there is any iota of truth in the scandals they are propagating about him.

According to him, spreading disreputable rumours about his person and making wild allegations about his business would not deter him from protecting the lands of Sapeiman and Opah and ensuring legitimate developers complete their projects in peace.

Nii Okanfrah I threw the challenge in an interview with the Daily Democrat in his office at Amasaman.

He noted that several media publications have sought to portray him as a thug living and hiding in the bushes and harassing developers.

“Far from that, I have an office at Amasaman, which is open every week. Besides days that I am required to go out, I am always in the office,” he stated.

He asserted that no conspiracy would deter him from driving away the louts that are bent on tarnishing his reputation and mixing him up in trouble with the law in order to scavenge on Sapeiman and Opah lands and harass legitimate landowners in the area.

Nii averred that in some of such spurious publications, his detractors accused him of being the brain behind all land disputes in the Greater Accra Region, which is not only laughable but also exposes their desperation to fabricate lies.

He disclosed that his accusers once dragged him to the Asere Mantse in Accra where they made all the allegations in the media currently and more, and lied to the Asere Royals that even if they invited him he would not honour the invitation because nobody knew his whereabouts.

“Thankfully, the chiefs got to know I have an office at Sapeiman and invited me together with my accusers for a meeting.”

“My accusers entered the Asere Palace and even greeted me because they did not know me. The Asere Royals were amazed and asked whether they had sorted out their problem with Nii Okanfrah I, seeing how they greeted me heartily.”

According to him, when the Asere Royals pointed him out as Nii Okanfrah I, his accusers kneeled down and begged for his forgiveness.

Nii noted that the person making the wild allegations against him in the media did not dare show his face at the Asere Royal Palace but rather hired people to front for him just as he is doing in the media with some journalists who cannot even mention his name in their publications.

He averred that in another publication, the writer alleged he (Nii Okanfrah I) claimed he controls the police and that they are all on his payroll.

He sneered at the insinuation and noted that if such allegation is juxtaposed to earlier claim that he is the brain behind all land troubles in the Greater Accra Region, it could mean he has powers equal to that of the Greater Accra Regional Police command.

“Do you now realize the ridiculousness and absurdity of their allegations and publications?”

“Sapeiman has a chief, Nii Sapei Agbetekor, but no media house or journalist has made an attempt to talk to him to substantiate the falsehood these people are feeding them,” he stated.

Nii Okanfrah I maintained that he would not be deterred in any way to allow brigands to besiege Sapeiman and Opah and steal and sell plots of lands belonging to hardworking Ghanaians sweating to build homes for their families.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/


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