Obesity, which is considered an affluent lifestyle in this part of our world, rather puts one at higher risk of heart and kidney related malfunction cases.

According to Dr. Osei Brown, the CEO of Holy Covenant Health Center and Blood Genotype Awareness Foundation (BGAWF at Tech-Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, obesity occurs as a result of excessive intake of fatty food coupled with lack of physical exercise.

Research, he said, has shown that body fats normally blocks the veins that help in the circulation of blood to other part of the body, which causes heart and kidney related infections.

Dr. Osei Brown Yiadom made these observations in an interview with this paper to debunk the notion by many people to the effect that obesity is an indication of successful and affluent living.

Obesity, he said, is not a sign of being affluent or wealthy but comes with serious life implications on the two most important organs of the body.

He noted that most of the arteries from the heart to other parts of the body become blocked when one gains excess weight and can later cause brain problems.

To stay healthy and avoid obesity a person, he said, must eat balance diet, exercise regularly, check on his/her cholesterol level and get enough fresh.

Research has shown that people with high level of body fats are associated with low cognitive performance.

The doctor equally cautioned against too much intake of sugary food and advised that people should rather eat a lot of fruits and fresh vegetables to help their circulation system.

By David Armstrong

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