New Board of the Minerals Commission has outlined three key objectives to deliver.

Briefing the media, Chairman of the Board, Hon. Samson K. Boafo disclosed that the objectives flow from the 2016 NPP manifesto and is to be delivered within the confines of the Minerals Commission (Act 450) and the Minerals and Mining Act, 2006 (Act 703).

Hon. Boafo averred that the objective of the Board is to grow businesses in the minerals sector.

He noted that the minerals and mining sector abounds with lots of investment potential and revealed that the Commission would provide the necessary investment environment for Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians to invest in the sector to grow the economy of Ghana.

According to him, among the targets set to achieve the objectives include timely processing of all mineral rights applications and permits; identify and develop new mineral potentials with the view of diversifying the minerals and mining sector through aggressive marketing and investment promotion.

“We will in the coming months, explore avenues to seek funding to invest in geological investigations and generate detailed information in designated areas for demarcation to small scale miners.”

“We will also develop close collaboration with the Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners to meet their regulatory requirements as well as assist large scale Ghanaian owned mines.”

The second objective of the Board, he disclosed, is to create employment for Ghanaians, which is one of President Akufo-Addo’s aspirations.

He averred that the Commission would expand its functions to map out deposits of industrial minerals across the country to ensure that more mining companies come on stream for more people to gain employment in the sector.

The other objective, according to Mr. S.K. Boafo, is to improve safety and stressed that the Commission will work with key agencies such as the EPA and the Water Resources Commission to ensure compliance with Health, Safety and Environmental standard.

The Commission, he said, would re-organize its monitoring and inspection activities, strengthen the enforcement functions and introduce new training and certification programmes to improve health and safety in mines.

 By William Sarpong

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