Press Release: Peace and Understanding must Reign in the Volta Region

In the face of multi-tribes, Volta region harmoniously existed without fear of violence outbreaks. We see ourselves as one people from one region. A region that is poised to do great things, meaningful and purposeful regardless of difference in dialects in the region. Love was our law, truth was our worship, beauty and perfection were our companions. Peaceful intermarriages existed among us as we culturally prospered. Our land outdoored diversity and clothe in respect which is the pedestal of peace and a little progress we enjoyed.

With the intrusion of Oti-region, we regret to say that, government of Ghana did not apply wisdom in attempting to satisfying the constitutional provision which was haphazardly exhausted.

Even though article 5 of the 1992 Constitution allowed the President to create or merge regions when necessary on conditions that, it is prudent and ethical for the government to educate the region on such divisive policy especially when the people threw challenge and warning ahead of the infamous division exercise.

To add pain to injury was the gross unconstitutional, aggression and human rights violation exhibited by Justice Brobbey’s led Commission of Enquiry in to the creation of new regions by denigrating the constitution and unevenly sharing the public hearing date in the Volta region.

In fact, Justice Brobbey’s Committee is another misplaced of trust and a total waste of tax payers money.

The unnecessary group clashes that we are seeing today in our peaceful region, United Volta region is the undoing of the government of Ghana and the wasteful Justice Brobbey Committee.

Association of Volta Youth (Ghana) in U.S.A are concerned and will not sit down to see unqualified politicians turn our Volta region to political football or what they like.

Our land existed long before the grandfathers of today’s babies with sharp teeth politicians were born. So, there is no way we would allow them to thwart the peace of our land.

Based on the above reasons, the Association of Volta Youth (Ghana) in U.S.A have dispatched a delegation, led by our Vice President, to Ghana, to sit with both south and North Volta residents and Chiefs, those who are against or for Oti-Region, for us to iron out our differences and find a lasting solution to the under development in the region, and also, restore peace in the region.

We appeal to all groups, individuals and Chiefs in both South and North to co-operate with us in order to resolve this issue amicably.

We can be reached through phone call or whatsapp on 001 347 772 5325 for schedule meetings.

Please note that we are unable to contact all groups and Chiefs in both South and North Volta, so we appeal to you to send us your contact information for us to reach you.

We also appeal to the general public to send us information about any chief, group or individual that is needed to be part of this exercise.

Your efforts would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

January 23, 2018


Duly signed:

Victor Mifetu


001 703 401 6324

Michael K. Agbozalu

(Vice President)

001 347 607 2847

Seth Mifetu

(General Secretary)

001 347 772 5325




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