The Ghana National Association of Cattle Farmers has expressed disappointment with the killing of innocent cattle by the Military, as a strategy to drive away Fulanis.

The Association condemned the killing of security personnel and called the government to investigate and bring the culprits to book.

The Association argued that it does not make sense for people to lose their lives.

At a press conference, the President of the Association, Imam Hamafi Sonde said they are not satisfied the shoot and kill approach of cattle within and outside Agogo.

According to him, the best thing the security personnel should have done was to apprehend the owners instead of killing innocent cattle that do not have control over themselves.

He stated that the owners of cattle have to suffer the destruction caused by the animals.

The Association insisted that Government should get the owners to face the law and if they fail to abide by it, then their cattle should become state property.

The President of the Association indicated that they are sad to hear the killing of the cattle has extended to Kumawu in the Ashanti region and some parts of the Eastern region.

He added that it is unfair for the military to do that and called on the government to reconsider the strategy.

Imam Hamafi Sonde suggested that government should rather undertake conflict prevention instead of conflict resolution approach to resolve the current issue at hand.

The cattle sector, he said, contributes a lot to the country’s economy and therefore government should walk the talk and ensure that a lasting solution would be reached for the country to continue enjoying the benefit it is getting from cattle.

A lot of people believe the killing of cattle as a strategy is a waste of investments by Ghanaian businessmen and if not properly handled could be dire to Ghana’s economy.

By William Sarpong

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