Mr. John Peter Amewu, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, has been accused of  displaying gross disrespect to the people of Ayamfuri, a mining community in the Denkyira East district of the Central Region.

The Minister responsible for Mines has also been accused of snubbing a Cape Coast High Court order after he was ordered by the court presided over by Justice William Boampong to liaise with the lands valuation division of the Lands Commission to determine compensation payable to plaintiffs by Persus Mining (GH) LTD within thirty days. The letter was dated 12/10/2017 with reference number E12/31/2017/435/17.

According to the leader of the aggrieved Ayamfuri community, Mr. Yaw Gyamfi, the Cape Coast High Court ordered the Minerals Commission of Ghana to write to the Minister responsible for Mines to liaise with the valuation division to evaluate and pay about 220 residents in the area whose properties were destroyed by the activities of Persus Mining Company Limited.

Addressing the press in Kumasi, Mr. Yaw Gyamfi noted that Mr. Peter Amewu disrespected the Minerals Commission and the Ayamfuri community.

He said for the past five months Mr. Peter Amewu has failed to liaise with the valuation division to go to Ayamfuri to value the destroyed properties. He indicated that the most annoying part of the matter is that Mr. Peter Amewu has consistently failed to respond to the court and the Minerals Commission anytime they write to him.

He added that letters have been written to Peter Amewu to remind him of the pending case between affected residents of Ayamfuri community and Persus mining.
“The court ruled that 220 residents be compensated by Persus mining but Peter Amewu has single-handedly snubbed the court and the Minerals Commission.
“Several court orders have been served to remind the sector minister but all efforts have proven futile,” he said.

The group called on Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo to intervene else they will storm the mining company and halt their operation.

By Benjamin Asalimba

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