Victor Smith advises JJ …Show respect to peers

Former Ghana High Commissioner to U.K. & Ireland, Emmanuel Victor Smith has described Former President Jerry John Rawlings’ attack on ex-President John Dramani Mahama during the 36th anniversary celebration of the 31st December Revolution as unfortunate.

According to Ambassador Smith, who was also Ghana’s ambassador to the Czech Republic & Hungary, there could not have been any other motive behind Mr. Rawlings’ comment that John Mahama was late to the programme other than to humiliate him before the teeming National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters who trooped to Ho because of their confidence in him to recapture power for the party in 2020.

“In any case, assuming without admitting that is the truth, does it mean there was no other option to admonish than going public to create wrong impression about his credibility. Mr. Rawlings’ approach was bad, distasteful, and unacceptable and must not be repeated,” Ambassador Smith, who was also once an aide to JJ told Daily democrat.

As a member of Council of Elders of the NDC Party, couldn’t he have addressed the issue in- house instead going public?

He urged Former President JJ Rawlings to exercise lot of restraint in his public comments on issues of national interest and stop the habit of belittling his successors, creating acrimony and destroying the unity needed to advance and nurture country’s democracy.

“I find it extremely difficult to accept suggestion from those who think we should simply let it be or ignore his frequent public scolding.”

He noted that it is time other respectable Ghanaians dialogue with President Rawlings to urge him to desist from his frequent public scolding and set good example for future generation and stressed that a society with future is one built on mutual trust and respect.

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