GHANA – In need of selfless, competent, honest and visionary leadership with commitment

“A people that elect corrupt politicians… are not victims but rather accomplices” – George Orwell

The mandate a leader gets from the electorate and the people, is meant to be used to make life better for the people and therefore behooves all of us; leaders, appointees and indeed all stakeholders to ensure that this happens.

We must therefore hold our leaders, not only accountable for the nation’s resources made available to them, but we must also, as of necessity, constantly prod and encourage them and indeed insist that the resources are properly managed to ensure fairness and equitable distribution of same, to ensure better living standards for the good people of this nation.

Our nation, Ghana, has serious leadership challenges across board and the situation is getting worse and the earlier we take steps to rectify this degeneration the better it will be for us. Bad leaders have misled the people to become corrupt in every sphere of national life.

The lifestyle of our leaders at all levels from the lowest to the highest levels, have influenced the people to also devise whatever means to make a living.

Ghanaians are referred to as magicians because we are able to spend more than we earn, legitimately.

If we don’t take radical steps now to reverse this trend, the time is coming soon when ‘man will eat man’ to survive in Ghana and I believe we can reverse this trend by encouraging into leadership, selfless, competent and committed patriotic members of society with clear vision to positively transform this country.

Morals have become so corrupted and some leaders and followers alike are such self-seekers. We pray that the Good Lord helps this nation.

Some Ghanaians collude or inadvertently approve wrongdoings of our leaders (either because of partisan consideration or pecuniary benefits).

We do not speak up when we should. We do not blow the whistle timeously and for some of us the quest for our parochial interest takes precedence over and above all else.

Leaders have preached anti-corruption and integrity at every turn but some have turned round and done all manner of things to undermine the very high moral ground they seek others to uphold.

There are serious indiscretions and lack of circumspection all over the place. They talk of Rule of Law, yet there is so much indiscipline and lawlessness everywhere, most times perpetrated by these same advocates.

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